Monkey's Forest

Outdoor recreation - High Acrobatic Park.

Nicolas, Fabrice and all the MONKEY'S FOREST team will welcome you and make you discover the joys of their acrobatic, sports and playful park, for unforgettable memories with family or friends!
Emotions, sensations, laughter and pleasures guaranteed.

A wonderful playground in the middle of nature including :
10 ADULT - CHILDREN adventure courses
More than 1.5 km of zip lines, including :
1 "special" course of zip lines of 800m.
Also zip lines on the children's courses.
Tel : 06 73 04 79 33 / 06 51 18 14 09


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CHUTE LIBRE DORDOGNE and its team will know how to please you in complete safety, on one of the most beautiful spots in France in the centre of the Périgord Noir.Tandem jumping is the most playful and safe way to learn to freefall.The jump takes place from 3500 meters of altitude in tandem parachute with an instructor. We start with a theoretical training to acquire the basics of free fall. Then it's off for 20 minutes of plane ascent, 40 seconds of free fall at 200 km/h, then the parachute opening with a descent that lasts between 3 and 7 minutes until landing.Graduation at the end of the jump.

The Sarlat/Domme airfield is located above the medieval village of Domme, in the heart of the Dordogne valley near Sarlat, Lascaux and Rocamadour. This unique viewpoint will allow you to appreciate the many castles around the river as well as the colours of the landscape, so particular in the valley.

On the spot we have a snack bar and a picnic area a few meters from the parachutists' landing zone. Enjoy with your family this friendly space at the centre of our activities. 

Sarlat/Domme airfield06 03 97 24 

La Ferme du Clédou

06 07 75 90 84 

Nathalie, Mark and Stephanie welcome you in the enchanting setting of La Ferme du Clédou with their magnificent organic garden:

Training days around medicinal plants.

The products of the shop made by them:
- Aromatic and medicinal plants from wild or organically grown crops.
- Herbal mixtures for herbal teas and infusions with various properties.
- Aromatic salts (nature and progress)
- Aromatic oils
- Organic jellies and jams from the farm's own fruit
- Plant syrups
- Derivatives of its chilli peppers
- And with Stephanie the cosmetics of La Clé des simples made by her:
- Massage oils and balms for external care and for a few daily worries.
All these products contain 100% natural ingredients from organic farming and local origin.

Les Randonnées pedestrian in company of their donkeys.

The gîte of the Clédou farmNathalie, Mark and Stephanie
La ferme du Clédou The key to the singles
"Ravary" 24250 Cénac
06 07 75 90 84 

Hot-air balloon
Airplane ride
Discovery tours...