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Open every day from February to November 30 and Christmas holidays.
Holidays of February, March: 10 am to 6 pm; April, May and June: 10 am to 7 pm; July and August: 10 am to 8 pm; September: 10 am to 7 pm; October, November and Christmas holidays: 10 am to 6 pm

Classified as a historical monument, it is the strangest, most secret, most extraordinary and mysterious castle in Périgord. Built on an escarpment overlooking the Vézère valley, Reignac has known everything: from Prehistory 20,000 years ago when hunters used these vast rock shelters to protect themselves from the cold, to the Middle Ages and the construction of the Château Falaise. Infinitely larger than one might suspect from the outside, the facade conceals impressive underground and above ground rooms, Great Hall of Honour, weapons room, dining room, lounge, kitchen, bedrooms, chapel, dungeon, dungeon, cellar.

La Ferme du Clédou

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Nathalie, Mark and Stephanie welcome you in the enchanting setting of La Ferme du Clédou with their magnificent organic garden:
Training days around medicinal plants.
The products of the shop made by them:
- Aromatic and medicinal plants from wild or organically grown crops.
- Herbal mixtures for herbal teas and infusions with various properties.
- Aromatic salts (nature and progress)
- Aromatic oils
- Organic jellies and jams from the farm's own fruit
- Plant syrups
- Derivatives of its chilli peppers
- And with Stephanie the cosmetics of La Clé des simples made by her:
- Massage oils and balms for external care and for a few daily worries.
All these products contain 100% natural ingredients from organic farming and local origin.

Les Randonnées pedestrian in company of their donkeys.

The gîte of the Clédou farm

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The 3 hectares of the WATER GARDENS offer a new place for walks that will delight young and old, holidaymakers or schoolchildren. Their originality lies in the elements that make them up: diversity of ponds, calm waters, waterfalls, streams, luxuriant vegetation conferred by lotuses, flowers in many colours, each one more beautiful than the next. The varieties present, coming from America and Asia, have adapted perfectly here (staggered flowering from May to October).
Holy Rome
24200 Carsac - Aillac
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Éco-Musée de la Noix

It is at the foot of the Castelnaud castle, in an 18th century farmhouse surrounded by a 7-hectare organic walnut grove, that the Walnut Eco-Museum is housed. During your visit you will discover the origins, the history, the work, the culture of the walnut tree and the walnut, coming from our soil. Our master miller will reveal all the secrets of the making of the walnut oil that you will taste at the exit of the press. Initiatory walk in the walnut grove to discover the local fauna and flora.

Walnut Eco-Museum
Locality Vielcroze
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Discover the castrum of Commarque and...
Take a plunge into the past by going back 15,000 years of history of the site through a self-guided tour with a documented booklet on loan, available in 5 languages (and in July / August enjoy a free guided tour with one of our professional and experienced guides).

During your visit you will discover : 
- the Prehistoric Cave of Commarque through a photo exhibition (with the help of the National Museum of Prehistory and the International Pole of Prehistory) and a video film projected in the big room of the dungeon.
- the troglodytic habitats arranged
- the medieval castrum and the Romanesque dungeon overlooking the Beune valley.

We propose workshops and animations related to the different periods of the site (see animations page).

Share your experience at Commarque with us on the Facebook page or directly on the site in the Contact 
Commarque Castle
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The lake of Groléjac offers a beautiful sandy beach for swimming.

It also offers a playground and a health trail around the lake as well as tables and picnic areas, a refreshment bar, sanitary facilities and a car park. 

Pedal boats are available for hire at the refreshment bar.

In the marsh upstream of the lake, a magnificent footpath on stilts allows you to discover the 25-hectare nature reserve.

The path is specially laid out with bridges over the canals, stops with benches and information boards.