The Californian Massage is a relaxing discipline close to the Swedish massage. It consists of a succession of long, fluid and harmonious movements throughout the body to open and stimulate consciousness, in order to experience the present moment in a deep body and spirit relaxation. This massage is one of the most appreciated.


Created in the early 1970s in California around working groups in psychotherapy, this massage was born of a need for reassuring affection, for participants whose emotional charge was very strong. Margaret Elke, a Swedish massage therapist, codified, structured and taught this new type of massage.


The Californian massage is a work on the sensitive and relational level. Based mainly on touching techniques, it is an exercise on the sensitivity and reappropriation of his body.


The Californian Massage acts on several levels: mind, body and emotion. It brings many benefits such as:

- A better psychological balance.

- Elimination of negative states like anxiety, tension, anguish and stress.

- A better knowledge and acceptance of his body.

- A relaxation of the muscles and the whole body.


A complete Californian Massage session lasts about 45 minutes. It is practiced on a massage table by gentle movements and pressures. The practitioner uses perfumed oils with relaxing and soothing properties as well as scented candles and music for a soft, zen and warm atmosphere that stimulates the senses (hearing, smell, touch, sight). Complete Californian massage is practiced all over the body, from head to toe, beginning with the back and then the torso.


It is a relaxation massage above all. This treatment combines both gentle pressures to soothe deeper and deeper tensions (the Californian massage is not for therapeutic purpose and can not replace a physiotherapist).


The Californian massage is practiced on the whole body. It provides a deep relaxation while stimulating the circulation and oxygenating the whole body. 


Californian Massage (full)


Back, legs, torso, face, scalp. An extreme and total relaxation for a lasting effect.

60 minutes / 68 € or 45 minutes / 58 €


Californian Massage (dorsal)


Back, legs, scalp, arms. A relaxing and beneficial massage.

30 minutes / 38 €


The complete massage should not be administered to patients with diabetes or subjects with heart problems. Similarly for patients with high blood pressure. Persons who have undergone recent surgery must also not be fully massaged. This is also the case for those with infectious diseases.

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